July 23, 2020

Introducing Interchange

Last week, the LA Times reported on initiatives in Los Angeles that are designed to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in tech and venture capital. Led by PledgeLA, these projects are designed to make LA the most diverse technology ecosystem in the country.

Today, we announce Interchange, the home of LA’s early-stage tech jobs. In partnership with PledgeLA and the City of Los Angeles, we’ve launched Interchange to simplify the job search for high-quality tech opportunities at startups across Los Angeles. With widespread layoffs throughout the industry and a rapidly evolving funding environment, it’s more important than ever to connect people with companies who are hiring.

Join Interchange.


July 15, 2020

10 of the best startups to work for in LA

So you recently moved to Los Angeles in search of the perfect job. Or maybe you’ve lived here your whole life and are just now interested in LA’s vibrant startup scene. Either way, you’re ready to look into all of the amazing career opportunities that Los Angeles has to offer. Here are 10 of the best startups to work for in Los Angeles, from their culture to office space and more.

1. Relativity Space
Relativity Space is disrupting 60 years of aerospace tradition by building rockets with 100x fewer parts and at production speeds 10x faster than expected. How? By 3D printing them. With a long term goal of 3D printing the first rocket made from Mars, the LA-based startup is currently printing entire rockets by transforming raw material into flight in just 60 days. Relativity Space employees feel “lucky” to be a part of the team, saying “the team and the work doesn’t get any better than this.”


June 28, 2019

Why we’re betting on LA (and you should too)

When you tell your friends and family that you’re moving to Los Angeles, they rarely mention the business opportunity. Palm trees, Hollywood, sunshine, Mexican food and traffic all come to mind before any considerations of the city as a global technology and innovation leader.

Los Angeles is quickly changing that narrative. Founders and operators who previously built technology companies in San Francisco, New York and Boston are choosing LA. Powered by increases in venture capital, a pipeline of diverse engineering talent, and a legacy of expertise in specialized industries, LA is at the center of frontier categories like gaming/esports, transportation, AR/VR and aerospace. It is also the fastest growing startup market in the country.

It’s time to add technology to the list of industries that have irreversible momentum in southern California. Now, whatever problem you’re solving, the best place to start your business is also the sunniest.